Veterinary Biotechnology 


Animal Biotechnology Education and Research Cell 

Animal Biotechnology Education and Research Cell was established under Department of Veterinary Microbiology in the year 2008 to carry out research and to impart education in veterinary biotechnology. Four students have completed their M.V.Sc. degree programme in veterinary biotechnology. A separate laboratory with precious equipments has been established. 

Following equipments are available with the cell.

  1. Gel Doc system
  2.  Eppendorf Micropipette
  3. Eppendorf Mastercycler
  4.  Eppendorf Centrifuge & Fixed angle rotor 24×1.5 / 2ml
  5. Eppendorf Biophotometer
  6. Thermomixer
  7.  REMI Deep Freeze
  8.  Programmable Power Supply
  9.  Vertical Dual Mini Gel System
  10.  Midi Sub system
  11.  Platform Rocker II Two
  12.  Magnetic Stirrer
  13.  Vortex Mixer
  14.  Micro centrifuge
  15.  Water Bath
  16.  pH meter
  17.  Digital electrophoresis system
  18.  Nikon trinocular phase contrast microscope
  19. Refrigerated Centrifuge
  20.  BOD incubator
  21.  Bacteriological Incubator
  22. Hot air oven
  23.  Nikon Digital Camera Coolpic P5100 for Nikon TS100 Microscope
  24.  Vertical autoclave
  25.  Weighing balance
  26.  Micropipette, multichannel pipettes
  27. Orbital shaking incubator
  28.  Sarotrius analytical Balance      

Bioinformatics Resources available

Open source softwares for Bioinformatic analysis are available with the cell.

  1. MEGA-7  & UGENE an integrated environment for phylogenetic analysis
  2. BEAST-2 Software for Bayesian phylogenetics, phylodynamic analysis
  3. GELBOX Software for agarose electrophoresis simulation
  4. 4Peaks Software for DNA sequencing chromatogram analysis
  5. Chimera Software for 3D protein modelling and visualisation
  6. Python, Biopython, R, Julia Software frameworks for DATA analysis
Dr. P.B. Ghorpade,
I/c Assistant Professor – Animal Biotechnology,
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor