Animal Husbandry Extension



 The Department of Extension was established at COVAS, Parbhani since the inception of college. In the initial years, division undertook several field extension projects, outreach activities, emphasizing on testing the field applicability of various veterinary and animal science technologies in the field situations. Till date, 10 MVSc scholars have completed their masters in the discipline. The department is instrumental in creating the self-sustained extension system needed to be evolved and enabled to transform the existing set up through professional guidance and training of critical manpower.


  1. To disseminate the results of research to the field for adoption through various extension teaching methods.
  2. To undertake under-graduate and post-graduate teaching in Extension to meet the manpower requirement of extension personnel in the industry.
  3. To conduct research on various aspects of transfer of technology, extension teaching methods, constraints, Impacts of programmes, organisational management, etc.

Facilities available


  1. Conference /discussion table round tables of 4-6 ca
  2. Drawing boards, t scales, drawing sets
  3. Black boards, display boards, chart stand
  4. Work table to accommodate 40 students
  5. Projection screen
  6. Epidiascope
  7. Overhead projector
  8. Slide projector
  9. Amplifier
  10. Stage mike ASM 7
  11. Horns Unit
  12. Hooters T
  13. elevision
  14. VCR
  15. VCP with recording facility
  16. Video camera (Complete set)
  17. Camera 35mm
  18. Enlarger
  19. Display boards
  20. Panel boards
  21. Tents, campers, ropes, threads etc. Tensile, drawing set, felt pens Work tools 


Services provided 

Training, demonstrations, on-farm visit, organisation of Animal Health Camp, preparation of extension literature…etc for farmers

Future Plans


  1.  Establishment of AH Technology Information Centre for farmers


Dr. D.S. Deshmukh

M.V.Sc. & PhD
Professor & Head 

Dr. Amol Patil,
MV.Sc. PhD
Assistant Professor

Training Manual/Booklet Published:

1. A booklet on ‘New Approaches in Extension Education under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan for capacity building & skill development’ (2016)
2. A booklet on ‘Commercial Goat Farming’ (2017)
3. A booklet on ‘Commercial Goat Farming’ (2017)
4. A booklet on ‘Commercial Goat Farming’ (2017)